Window shoppers yet to knock on Jets’ door

JETS chief executive David Eland insiststhere has been no official approach from a Qatari club hoping to signin-form Newcastle veteran David Carney, possibly during the January transfer window.

SMILING ASSASSIN: Newcastle Jets veteran David Carney celebrates his goal against Wellington Phoenix at Hunter Stadium on Sunday. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers

Carney, who starred in Sunday’s 3-1 win against Wellington, scoring one goal and creating another, confirmed on Monday that his agent had received an expression of interest from the Middle East.

But Eland said until the Jets had received a legitimate inquiry it was all hypothetical, because Carney is contracted until the end of this season.

“As far as I’m aware the club has not been formally approached by anyother club at this point about David Carney,’’ Eland told the Newcastle Herald.

“So there is nothing to consider and no reason to speculate.

“This has been rumbling around for months now and, while I’m notquerying the validity of what David and his management are saying, theclub has heard nothing official yet.’’

Carney has repeatedly stated this season that he is happy in Newcastle, from both a playing and lifestyle perspective.

But at 32, he is approaching the twilight years of his career and most players in his situation would consider all options.

“I’ve been approached,’’ he said. “I’m just leaving it with my management at theminute … it’s up to the Qatar club making an offer. It’s up to mymanagement and they’re dealing with that.’’

If Newcastle are keen to retain Carney beyond the end of this season, he said that message had not been conveyed.

“I’ve not been approached yet by the Jets,’’ he said. “Nothing’s been said yet.There’s nothing I can do but carry on playing, and hopefully playingwell each week.’’

He reiterated that he is happy in Newcastle and believesthe club hasa bright future.

“I know what a big club it canbe,’’ he said. “Obviously I’d love it if we can get a takeover and get some morequality players.I think it would be a great club –one of the top three or four clubs –if we get the right personnel in the team.’’

Eland said Jets coach Scott Miller and his assistant, Jean Paul de Marigny, would make calculatedrecruitment and retention decisions.

“There is a strategy in place and we’re not going to be rushed intoengaging with any player because of perceived interest from somewhereelse,’’ Eland said. “We’ll go about it under our own terms.

David and the other players who are coming off contract will beengaged when Scott and Jean-Paul think it is the right time to engagethem.”

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