Rolls Royce of threats: ‘I will kill you’

Lindsay Rundle

HE was the member of a well-known Newcastle business family who continually waved at police as they urged him to pull his Rolls Royce over during a low-speed chase through eastern Lake Macquarie.

But Lindsay Bartley Rundle, 58, allegedly became decidedly terse after being cornered and manhandled out of the damaged luxury car he had locked himself in to avoid arrest.

“I know where you live …I’m gonna get your kids … You’re f—ing dead,’’Mr Rundle allegedly told one arresting officer after punching another in the face.

“I’ll f—ing kill you,’’ he allegedly told another officer when he asked him to provide a breath test.

“If you open that door I’ll f—ing assault you,’’ he later allegedly told an officer as they attempted to enter the charge cell where he was being held at Belmont.

Solicitor John Anthony, for Mr Rundle,told Newcastle Local Court on Monday that his client, who is a member of the family synonomous with tailoring throughout the Hunter, would be volunteering to enter a mental health facility if he was granted bail.

Police did not oppose the release application, where a police facts sheet outlined the eight charges he was facing including the pursuit chargeSkye’s Law, two counts of intimidating police and use an offensive weapon to avoid apprehension, and one count of assault police.

It was alleged police received numerous calls about how a Rolls Royce was being driven along the Pacific Highway between Catherine Hill Bay and Swansea on Sunday night, including one where the car was seen to crash into a steel roadside railing.

Police caught up with the car at Blacksmiths where they drove alongside the car and shone a torch towards the driver.

“The accused was observed to look directly at police and waved before continuing to travel in a northerly direction,” the police facts alleged.

Mr Rundle is then alleged to have swerved at an officer as he stood in the fog lane using a torch to signal him to pull over, before finally stopping at a set of red traffic lights.

But as police boxed him in, Mr Rundle is accused of putting the Rolls Royce into reverse and slamming into police cars before locking the car doors as police approached.

Theywere “forced to use batons to try and smash windows of the accused vehicle to gain access”.

“Due to the Rolls Royce’s toughened glass, these attempts resulted in three windows being partially damaged before the driver’s side window gave way,” the facts sheet alleged.

It was then that the profanities and threats allegedly started, as well as the punch which hit one officer on the side of his face.

Police also allege that after Mr Rundle refused to submit a breath test, he was taken to a caged truck “at which time he was observed to be extremely unsteady on his feet and in need of assistance to walk”.

Mr Rundlewas granted conditional bail, including that he not drive or occupya car driver’s seat.He is set to reappear in Newcastle Local Court on February 1.

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