Preparation key for best start to school

By now you should have enrolled your child to start Kindergarten in the nextcouple of weeks. It is a new and exciting time for parents and children and thebetter prepared everyone is the smoother the transition is.Parents/caregivers can do a lot to help prepare their child for Kindergarten beforethe big ‘first day’.

Below is a list of skills that will be useful for children startingKindergarten. Schools recognise that not all children will have these skills aseveryone develops at a different pace, so this is intended only as a guide.


talks to other people about familiar objects and eventsanswers and asks simple questionsmakes needs knownfollows simple instructionsuses books for enjoyment or for looking at picturesidentifies pictures in books, magazines, on television or videouses a variety of things (pens, pencils, textas, paintbrushes, sticks in the dirt)to draw, to scribble or to writeMathematics

recognises that numbers can be used to countuses words such as many, a lot, more, lessidentifies things in a group that are differentsees differences in shapesdifferentiates between opposites – up and down, under and overPersonal/Social Skills

uses the toilet independentlycan say own name and addressadapts to unfamiliar settings and new experiencesplays cooperatively with other children – shares and takes turnscan sit still to listen to a story for a few minutesis curious about the worldPhysical Skills

uses scissors to cut along a straight lineenjoys a variety of indoor and outdoor playcan put on and take off jumpers, shoes, socks independentlySometimes parents/caregivers and children are apprehensive about the first days,but remember that they are going to be with highly professional teachers whoknow and understand the needs of all students.


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