Holy guitarist stars in rock conversion

DIVINE: Australian band Holy Holy backed up their growing hype last Saturday night at the Cambridge Hotel. Picture: Josh Leeson.IF Holy Holy were fictional rock band Stillwater, from the film Almost Famous, then Oscar Dawson has certainly nailedthe “lead guitarist with mystique”shtick.

Not often these days areguitarists thestars ofthe band. Manymodern indie acts avoid solos altogether or have become synth-driven, but not rising Australian band Holy Holy.

Last Saturday night at the Cambridge Hotel Dawson blazed a trail –his wild Chris Cornell-style manehanging over his left-handed Gibson –as he constantly improvised.Thehour-long setculminatedin Dawson’s scintillatingsolo to close out their stand-out trackYou Cannot Call for Love Like a Dog.

That’s not the say vocalist and rhythmguitarist Timothy Carroll was not impressive. His country-flavouredvoice cut through the almost packed crowd on the beautiful Sentimental and Monday.

Holy Holy played the majority of their debut album When The Storms Would Come, plus two new tracks Elevator and Island. The latter only written the day before duringa sound check.

During the encore Dawson and Carroll also produced their own tribute to David Bowie by playing a stripped back version of Starman.

Montreal folk rockers The Franklin Electric provided a solid support and appeared to genuinely win over the audience with their unique trumpet solos. Australian synth-pop group Olympia rounded out the strong bill.

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