Charges over baby left in car

1st Class Constable Jay Pereira, 1st Class Constable Ben Ducker and Acting Sergeant Mike Smith have been busy over the Christmas and New Year period. A 20-year-old woman has been charged after police rescued a heat-stricken baby girl from inside a car in Bridgetown last weekend.

Police said the baby, who was in her child restraint, had been in the full sun for more than an hour and was lucky to be alive.

The car was running and the air conditioner was on however it was not effective and the inside of the car was hot and stuffy.

A member of the public called police after seeing the 16-month-old alone in the car at 1.30pm on Saturday January 9, with temperatures reaching 38 degrees in Bridgetown.

Police officers rushed to the scene on Hampton Street in the centre of Bridgetown, retrieved the baby and took her to Bridgetown Hospital where she was treated for heat stroke.

The woman will appear at Manjimup Magistrates Court on February 4 on a charge of leaving a child unsupervised in a vehicle.

In other Bridgetown Police news,Acting Sergeant Mike Smith said people should leave their cars at home if they are going out to have a few drinks. He had a clear message about the damage drugs can do to individuals and families.

“I urge people that enjoy a night out and consume alcohol to either use the local taxi service or to arrange for a designated driver,” Sgt Smith said. “Ask yourself the question before you go out and consume alcohol, ‘Can I afford to lose my driver’s licence?’

“Drink driving is a serious issue in Bridgetown, on average more than one driver a week was charged in 2015 with either excess 0.05 / 0.08 or DUI. I urge you not to become a statistic in either being charged or losing your life on the road.”

Sgt Smith said drugs were another ongoing issue. “The effect that drugs have on you and your family as a direct result of you consuming them is massive, they will tear you and your family apart,” he said.

“Take a look at the people that you know that take drugs, think about what they were like before they started taking drugs, remember what they had, how different they were.

“It doesn’t take long before you will have nothing as a result. What you do now has a direct result on your future.”

Bridgetown police have laid numerous charges for drugs and drink driving since December, as well as other offenses.

On January 16, a 57 year old Bridgetown man was charged with Disorderly behaviour in a public place (urinating). He will receive an Infringement to the value of $500.

On January 13, a 29 year old female from Bunbury was charged for driving whilst under fine suspension, after being picked up by Police for speeding. On the same day, police charged a 17 year old Bridgetown man with possessing a prohibited drug (cannabis). He received a Cannabis Intervention Notice.

On January 10, a 38 year old Bridgetown woman was charged with exceeding 0.08. She received an instant motor drivers license disqualification and will attend court in February. A 59 year old Bridgetown man charged with exceeding 0.08 the day before faced the same consequences.

On January 8, an 18 year old Boyup Brook male was charged with possessing a prohibited drug (MDMA) in Bridgetown. He will attend Court in February.

In December 2015 a 34 year old Manjimup man was charged with wilfully lighting or causing to be lit a fire likely to injure or damage in an incident dating back to September 2015.

Also on December, a 31 year old female from Dalyellup was charged with possessing a prohibited drug (Methylamphetamine) and possessing drug paraphernalia after being stopped driving through Bridgetown.

A 49 year old Bridgetown man was charged with aggravated burglary and committing an offence in a dwelling, in breach of a violence restraining order and threats to injure, endanger or harm any person. The accused will attend court in February 2016.

Meanwhile a 31 year old Bunbury man was charged with breach of protective bail conditions and a 54 year old Bridgetown man was charged with disorderly behaviour in a public place; the accused pleaded guilty to the charge in Bridgetown Magistrates Court on January 14 2016.

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