Centenary of The Great War

​Extracts from The Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners’ Advocate for January 17-23,1916.

MINING MATTERSThe march of the Wallabies, and the stoppage of the wheelers, top-hands, and off-hand labour, owing to dissatisfaction with the terms of the new agreement, affected the working of the collieries on the Maitland field during the pay ending on Saturday last.

TRAINING OF OUR SOLDIERSThe camp at Broadmeadow has been invested with added importance since the decision was made to form a local battalion at Newcastle. It has been elevated to the dignity of a training camp, where the men are not only to be trained, but equipped.The strength of a battalion may be roughly stated at a little more than a thousand, but accommodation will be provided for 1500 men. Already a beginning has been made with the erection of six huts which are to be built in the northern portion of the ground. At the present time the men sleep in the pavilions, horse stalls, and tents, and they have made themselves as comfortable as possible. Some of the tent-dwellers have given names to their present places of abode.The training of the men is of a most comprehensive character, including physical drill, squad, platoon, company, and battalion drill, rifle exercises, bayonet fighting, musketry in all its phases, from the preliminary musketry instruction leading up to the production of the war shot, all kinds of trench digging, manning as well as digging trenches by day and night, and bombing operations. The trenching and bombing operations have not been carried out yet, but a start is to be made immediately.

DUTY OF RUSSIANSThe Imperial Russian Government has issued an order that all Russian subjects of military age must either join the Russian forces or enlist in the Australian Expeditionary Forces.It is expected that all those capable of bearing arms, many of whom are employed in the mining district, will report themselves forthwith to the Consulate, where all information will be furnished as to what is necessary to be done.As in Russia military service is obligatory, all subjects failing to report themselves become deserters of war.

MUNITIONS MANUFACTUREAmong the passengers who arrived by the mail steamer Ventura this morning from San Francisco was Mr. G. W. Williams, a munitions expert from the United States, who has come to NSW to take charge of the new munition factory erected by the Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited at Newcastle, for the manufacture of shells. He will start the munition plant at Newcastle at once. It is intended to manufacture for the most part 18 pound British shells, and the factory will employ from 150 to 200 men.

IN HONOURED MEMORYThe gift of Commander Frank Gardner, V.D., tobe erected on the pavement in front of the Newcastle Post Office.The base is of Ravensfield stone, and the columns, tablets, basins, and statue of white marble. One tablet records the object of the memorial, and the other three will contain the names of the fallen soldiers from Newcastle. The statue will be life size (6ft high), and the total height about 14ft 9in.The wording on the memorial is as follows:- “Roll of honour. This fountain was presented by Commander Frank Gardner. V.D., in memory of the officers and men of Newcastle, who gave their lives to uphold the honour of the British Empire.”

Enlistments for the weekWilliam Amos, Kurri Kurri; Harold Allen, Aberdeen; Alexander Anderson, Cessnock; Arthur Andrews, Mayfield; Archibald Arbuckle, Cessnock; John Armour, Weston; Joseph Armstrong, Kurri Kurri; Alfred Ashman, South Cessnock; Robert Atkinson, Weston; William Atkinson, Wickham; FrancisAtkinson, West Maitland; Lea Bagnall, Nelson Bay; Leopold Barfield, Newcastle; William Barnett, Teralba; Thomas Barr, Dagworth; Herbert Bevan, Stockton; Joseph Birtley, Kurri Kurri; Samuel Black, Teralba; Charles Bowman, Hamilton; Oswald Brand, Maryville; George Bray, Muswellbrook; Arthur Breakwell, West Wallsend; David Breeze, Minmi; John Brennan, West Wallsend; William Broadfoot, Liddell; Frederick Brogden, New Lambton; Ernest Brown, Islington; John Brown, Dudley; William Brownlee, West Wallsend; Edgar Brunker, West Maitland; Sidney Burke, Cessnock; John Burt, Stockton; James Henry Bush, Cessnock; Wesley Callender, Dudley; William Carr, Cessnock; James Clark, Kurri Kurri; Stanley Connell, Maerannie; William Connell, Maerannie; Wallace Cook, The Junction; DavidCooper, South Maitland; James Crocombe, The Junction; Henry Crowley, Stanhope; Alexander Cumming, Kurri Kurri; David Cunningham, West Maitland; Llewellyn Dalling, Hamilton West; Oliver Davidson, Stockton; Donald Dempsey, Carrington; William Dempsey, Telarah; Milton Dickinson, Hamilton West; Herbert Dickinson, Bulga; Alfred Difford, Weston; Roy Dodds, Scone; John Donnan, Cessnock; Stewart Dunn, New Lambton; John Dunne, Adamstown; Norman Durham, Aberdare; George Duthie, Wickham; William Eagles, Adamstown; William Easton, Jesmond; Arthur Edwards, Rutherford; Alfred Eke, Weston; John Fairlie, Cessnock; Leslie Firth, The Junction; Herbert Fisher, Cardiff;Richard Fisher, Dungog; George Forrest, West Maitland; James Forrester, Boolaroo; Harry Freeman, Singleton; Frederick Frith, Singleton; Frederick Galleghan, Carrington; Robert Gardner, Adamstown; Charles Gerrish, Kurri Kurri; Arthur Gill, Pelaw Main; Henry Gimbert, Wickham; Arthur Goodworth, Singleton; Alister Grainger, Singleton; Richardson Grant, Stroud; Jacob Green, Weston; James Grimshaw, Gloucester; Arthur Hamilton, New Lambton; James Harrison, Smedmore; Albert Hartland, Homerville; John Henderson, West Wallsend; Albert Hewlett, Kurri Kurri; John Hill, Raymond Terrace; Leslie Hill, Cessnock; Henry Hincks, Abermain; Ralph Hinton, New Lambton; Edward Holbert, Tea Gardens; Hugh Holbert, Tea Gardens; Kenneth Horder, Cessnock; John Horn, Teralba; William Hoskins, West Maitland; Roy Hoyland, Killingworth; Victor Huddleston, Holmesville; Reginald Hughes, New Lambton; Anthony Hughes, Young Wallsend; James Hughes, New Lambton; William Hyde, New Lambton; Charles Ingram, Islington; Gregori Jakimov, Newcastle; Alfred James, Minmi; Percy Jarvis, Lambton; George Jenkins, Weston; James Jenkins, New Lambton; Jeremiah Jennings, Adamstown; Albert Johns, Kurri Kurri; Hubert Johns, Pelaw Main; William Johns, Kurri Kurri; HaroldJohnson, Newcastle; William Johnston, Barnsley; James Johnston, Newcastle; William Jones, Hamilton West; Herbert Jones, Cessnock; Robert Jordan, Green Arm; Norman Kay, West Maitland; JamesKearney, Gloucester; Ernest Kelly, Islington; Joseph Kelly, Hamilton; James Kemp, Plattsburg; WilliamKennedy, Lambton; Joseph Kirk, Kurri Kurri; John Lamb, Aberdare; David Lamb, Aberdare; Alfred Lavender, Bolwarra; Jonathan Laverick, Adamstown; Arnold Leach, Hamilton; James Leckie, West Wallsend; Herbert Lenham, West Wallsend; George Lightfoot, Cessnock; Ambrose Lockett, Ladysmith; Edward London, Ellalong; George Lucre, Abermain; Walter Lunn, Boolaroo; MadsMadsen, Kurri Kurri; Edward Maher, Singleton; Laurie Mannerman, Kurri Kurri; Francis Masters, Swansea; Harry May, Timor; Matthew McDonald, South Maitland; Walter McGovern, West Maitland; Frederick McIntyre, Pelaw Main; Neil McKinnon, Muswellbrook; John McKinnon, Hamilton; Edward McMillan, Smedmore; Cecil McNaught, Merriwa; Robert McNeill, Hamilton West; JamesMcWilliams, West Wallsend; Edward Messenger, Pelaw Main; Samuel Miles, Newcastle; Bertie Miller, Broadmeadow; James Milne, Newcastle; Henry Mitchell, Islington; Horace Mitten, Tighes Hill; Alexander Mouat, Newcastle; Ronald Mouat, Newcastle; Harold Mudford, Wards River; James Muir, Singleton; Aubrey Murray, Newcastle; Andrew Mustow, Hamilton; George Nash, Bowman River; James Nash, Gloucester River; Charles Neilen, Cessnock; John Nelson, Cessnock; Thomas Nelson, Cessnock; Tatisan Newell, West Wallsend; Thomas Newell, Kurri Kurri; Charles Newton, Maryville; Frederick Norrgrann, Upper Myall; John O’Brien, Teralba; Phillip O’Grady, Kurri Kurri; Robert Oliver, West Maitland; Ralph Oliver, Weston; Andrew O’Neil, Mine Camp; Thomas Padgett, West Wallsend; Douglas Page, Main Creek; Gregory Page, Main Creek; Herbert Parsons, Weston; Arthur Payne, Raworth; Thomas Pease, Adamstown; Andrew Peebles, Islington; Henry Phee, Cessnock; Joseph Phillips, Merewether; George Pickard, Minmi; Reginald Pont, Morpeth; Bert Poole, West Maitland; Patrick Porter, Tea Gardens; John Printer, Adamstown; Herbert Proctor, Islington; Martin Quinlan, Newcastle; Thomas Ramsay, Cessnock; Henry Randall, Weston; Joseph Randall, Kurri Kurri; Daniel Regan, Wallsend; Clifton Rhodes, Boolaroo; Edward Ridley, Young Wallsend; George Ritchie, Adamstown; John Roberts, Neath; Robert Roberts, Speers Point; George Robertson, Newcastle; Allen Rooke, Cessnock; Oliver Russell, Rothbury; Arthur Sattler, Singleton; Charles Schmitzer, West Maitland; Percival Scorer, Newcastle; Alexander Scott, Krui River; John Scott, Weston; WalterScribner, Carrington; James Scully, The Junction; Alfred Searle, Ladysmith; Job Sheldon, New Lambton; Thomas Shelton, Barrington; Charles Shepherd, Kurri Kurri; Clarence Smith, Dungog; William Smith, West Wallsend; John Smith, Plattsburg; Herbert Smith, Adamstown; Samuel Sproat, Kurri Kurri; James Stenhouse, West Wallsend; Robert Steven, Kurri Kurri; Joseph Storer, Killingworth; Thomas Sutton, Bulahdelah; Menalous Taylor, Weston; Christopher Thomas, Waratah; George Thompson, Teralba; George Thompson, Hamilton; Sydney Thoroughgood, West Wallsend; Robert Thurston, Boolaroo; Kenneth Tilburn, South Cessnock; Norman Trevallion, Hamilton; John Tunney, Pelaw Main; Benjamin Turnbull, Hamilton West; Andrew Walker, Cessnock; John Wallace, Newcastle; Lancelot Watters, Spring Creek; James Weimer, Adamstown; David Weinburg, Hexham; Colin Wharton, Gundy; Ernest Wheatley, Cessnock; George Whelan, Hilldale; Adam White, Adamstown; Thomas Wilcox, Teralba; Joseph Wilcox, Newcastle; Joseph Willetts, Cessnock; Algernon Williams, Dudley; John Williams, Dudley; John Wilson, Newcastle; John Wright, Morisset; James Young, Merewether; John Young, Weston.

Deaths for the weekPte Edward Denis Kendall, Singleton.

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