A new year’s present

FIRST OUT THE GATE: Samarah and Imogen Stockton are delighted they have new baby sister Felicity in their life. Picture: Riley Krause.On Saturday, January 2 at 6.47pm,Felicity Stockton entered the world.

What’s so special about her was that she was the first baby born at the Griffith Base Hospital for 2016.

At exactly seven pounds, parentsKatrina Sutton andKieran Stockton were just pleased to have a happy, healthy baby.

Felicity joinedher two big sisters Samarah and Imogen, although they would have liked it if she was born a touch earlier.

“All bar they wanted her on Christmas Day they’re very excited about having her in the house, finally,” Katrina said.

“The only thing is they wanted her for Christmas Day because they thought it would be a very good Christmas present for everyone.

“In the end it was a bit ofa surprise for them and it wasn’t a bad new year’s gift either.”

It was always going to be unlikely for the girls to get their wish, but they can’t say Felicity didn’t try.

“She was a bit early because she was due on the January 12,” Katrina said.

“We’d been told that from 34 weeks anything could’ve happened, so it was a higher risk pregnancy through the stages.

“I was prepared that it could’ve happened a bit sooner than the due date …andIwas hoping as well.

“I was justvery glad that she was finally here.”

There was no special meaning behind the name Felicity, but that didn’t matter.

Katrina said it was just a gut feeling.

“It was actually her father who kind of came up with the name and it wasn’t even a name we had discussed,” she said.

“It was just one of those random names.

“We were just sitting in the hospital room and I was just feeding her, Kieran was just flicking through things, trying to get some inspiration because all the names we had picked just weren’t quite right.

“He said ‘what about Felicity’ and I said ‘yeah, I like that’ and that was it.”

She said it was something you can’t always rely on.

“The only thing I will say to anyone expecting a baby is you can have as many names under the sun as you want for either gender, but you can almost guarantee you won’t use them, it just seems to work out that way.”

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